Guide for Authors

Read the following points before submitting your article.

Subject of the journal: New educational ideas
According to the bylaws of the country's scientific journals, research articles have priority and other written articles (such as articles that explain the practical and theoretical foundations of educational sciences) will be reviewed according to the rules of the said bylaws.
The same article should not have been previously published in another journal or even in a foreign language and has not been submitted to other journals at the same time.
The cost of processing the article is paid online from the publication system. The cost of processing the article is 8,000,000 Rials, which in the two stages of the initial review is 2500000 Rials  and the final cost is 5500000 Rials.
The journal is free to edit, modify and synchronize scientific terms of the article so that its meanings do not change.
The editorial board of the journal is free to reject or accept the received articles.
The order of arranging the approved articles for publication will be in the opinion of the editorial board of the publication.
According to the policy of the journal, one of the authors of the article must be a member of the faculty of the university.
Received articles will not be returned.
Profiles of the article and the authors can not be edited after accepting the article.
The author (s) are responsible for the correctness of the scientific findings of the article and its data.

Authors are obliged to compile the following files based on the written conditions and send them through the publication system (according to the provided guide) when submitting their article:

File number 1: The original article file

File number 2: Profile of authors

File number 3: similarity report from Samim Noor database

Files 4 and 5: Form of Moral Commitment and Conflict of Interest

File number 6 and 7: Long English abstract and editing certificate of Iranian Editing Center