Peer Review Process

To see the process of accepting articles in the journal, see the article acceptance chart.

Authors are requested to observe the following when submitting their articles:

Details of all authors including first name and last name in Persian and English, email, contact number, organizational affiliation in Persian and English, ORCID code (for all authors) to be properly registered on the journal site. (The items mentioned should match the specifications recorded in the authors' profile file, which will be uploaded to the site in the form of a Word file). It is the responsibility of the registrar to register the details.
In the first stage of submitting the article, only the files "Original file of the article according to the authors 'guide", "Authors' profile file", "Ethics commitment form", "Conflict of interest form", "Result of identifying the article from Samim Noor database" should be sent.
If the items mentioned by the authors are not observed, the article will be referred to the author once for re-editing, the author will have 10 days to send the correct files, after which the article will be deleted.
According to the authors' guide, the short English abstract will be removed from the original file of the article and written in the long English abstract and will be sent to the Iranian Editing Center for editing (after the article is approved by the judges). On the site of the publication, in the English short abstract section, they can register the Persian short abstract and after receiving the long English abstract from the center (after the approval of the judges, according to the article acceptance chart), according to the previous issue published, the long English abstract can be registered on the registration site. To.
All correspondence of the journal will be done during the judging process (submission of revised articles of the article) and at the time of publication of the articles, through the personal page of the responsible author and the registered email for the responsible author, respectively.
It is possible that the emails of the publication will be sent to the authors as spam, the respected authors are asked to check their spam folder.

After accepting the article, please read the following:

Until the publication of the article, the authors are obliged to make the intended edits of the journal, so the responsible author is asked to send his email within this time period and send the edits at the specified times.
The affiliation of the authors 'organization will be based on the authors' profile file and the details registered on the journal site. After publishing the complete file of the articles, it is not possible to edit them. Dear students, also register the organizational affiliation of their professors with their coordination.